Definitions for "Proxy Bidding"
Keywords:  ebay, bidder, outbid, increment, bid
This automated bidding system places bids for you when you have been outbid to the next bid increment until the bids exceed your maximum bid or you win the auction. The Proxy will only use as much of the maximum bid as necessary to maintain the high bid.
To submit a confidential maximum bid to an online auction service's automated bidding system. The system's electronic "proxy" will automatically increase the buyer's bid to maintain the high bid. The proxy bidding system will stop when it has won the auction or reached the maximum bid.
Proxy bidding is an automatic bidding system that ignore uses. A member enters in the maximum amount that they wish to pay for an item. The system will automatically enter a bid for the minimum amount possible on behalf of the member. As other bidders bid, the system will automatically bid for the member until minimum bid exceed's the member's proxy bid.