Definitions for "Proxy"
A written authorization given by a shareholder for someone else, usually the...
The agency for another who acts through the agent; authority to act for another, esp. to vote in a legislative or corporate capacity.
The person who is substituted or deputed to act or vote for another.
Proxy is an IP filtering proxy server for Linux. It was written to solve the problem of being able to connect to machines behind a Linux firewall. There are both threaded and non-threaded versions of proxy in the download area.
Proxy is a C application that when run on a multi-homed host will forward all packets from source, to destination. Where source might be a system on the internet, and destination might be a box on a private network behind a multi-homed linux machine. It's also good for setting up sort of a 'bounce back' connection for poeple trying to attack you.
A proxy server is a kind of buffer used to reduced the amount of data transmitted in a network. Data that is downloaded by many users are saved in a buffer for faster access, without having to repeat the actual download (e.g. from the internet). This buffer can be used in conjunction with a firewall to enhance data security and to offer a basic level of protection against data that may be virus-infected.
Someone who acts in the place of someone else
A facility that indirectly provides some service or acts as a representative in delivering information, thereby eliminating the need for a host to support the service.
To act in place of another. In VR Juggler a proxy is a handle or pointer to something else, typically an actual input device. For example in an application a user would access an input device through a vjDeviceInterface—behind this proxy is a vjDeviceProxy—and behind this is a vjInput (the actual device). The vjDeviceInterface is a doubly proxies the vjInput device since it is a proxy to the vjDeviceProxy.
Substitute. Paleoclimatologists use proxy evidence in place of direct measurements of climate parameters such as temperature, for times before instrumental measurements were made. Ocean sediments, glacial ice, and tree rings all contain proxies for climate conditions.
A proxy climate indicator is a local record that is interpreted, using physical and biophysical principles, to represent some combination of climate-related variations back in time. Climate related data derived in this way are referred to as proxy data. Examples of proxies are: tree ring records, characteristics of corals, and various data derived from ice cores. ()
In climate research, a proxy variable is something that is probably not in itself of any great interest, but from which a variable of interest can be obtained. Temperature proxies such as tree ring widths and ice core layering are used by climatologists to create a temperature record.
Entity that, in the interest of efficiency, essentially stands in for another entity.
Editorial note  Needs to be clarified; see gateway node that relays a message between a client and a Web service, appearing to the Web service to be the the client.
A gateway that relates one session on the net to another.
A screen-resolution representation of a high-resolution graphic image, used for displaying and editing on a computer monitor. A proxy-based image editing application (such as Live Picture) works by allowing the user to do photographic retouching on a low-resolution representation of an image (the proxy), and then replaying the retouching steps on the high-resolution file when the user is finished. The advantage of this technique is that the image retouching is very fast, even if the images themselves are very, very large. The disadvantage of this technique is that, since the user is working with a low-resolution approximation of the image, true pixel-level image editing is not possible.
Representation of an audio or video asset, usually a low-resolution digital version that can be streamed to desktops. Proxies can technically be any representation of an analog source, including hi-resolution versions, for example: MPEG-2. Proxies provide a user with the capability of viewing or hearing an asset online. Virage uses proxy to mean a digital version of an analog source generated by an encoder. These proxies are typically in MPEG-1, Windows Media, RealVideo, or other compressed video formats.
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A mighty servant of a power - usually a former mortal servant of that power.
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a hooker that can't spell her name right
A method normally used to compensate for a lack of raw data. It is an estimation derived from an existing data set using a statistical modifier. For example, deriving local water consumption data by using average per capita consumption of a region in which the locality is part.
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See Also: Squid
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Proxy refers either to (1) a person, such as a mem... Add a comment
A computer sevurity program which controls the access to a computer system.
A guaranteed frame accurate version of the original content at a lower bit rate used with its associated timecode for editing.
as used herein, typically refers to an Index having characteristics similar to a portfolio of securities.
An Instructive Directive and Health Care Proxy, most often referred to as a medical directive or proxy, gives you the absolute legal right to informed consent, meaning that you can choose or refuse medical treatments that have been explained to you by your doctor. This includes the right to refuse the use of blood once your physician has explained the risks, benefits and alternatives. It also protects the physician from liability since the document is your sworn statement that you are aware of the risks of refusing possible life-saving treatment. Also called Advance Directive or Medical Directive.
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See Procuration.
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In statistics, a proxy variable is something that is probably not in itself of any great interest, but from which a variable of interest can be obtained. In order for this to be the case, the proxy variable must have a close correlation with the inferred value.
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Double pocket envelope often used for annual reports, proxy mailings, and tear sheet mailings.
A representative version or sample of a larger image.
A small diagram in the control panel that represents the object selected in the document.
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Public Auction
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public company public float