Definitions for "Proximity Operators"
Proximity operators are words like NEAR or ADJ or W/. They allow you to specify within a keyword search that you would like two words to be near each other. It is a way of narrowing your search and making it more precise. For example, "speaker NEAR house" could be used to search for Speaker of the House.
The most common proximity operator is NEAR. This term ensures that the keywords used to search are close to each other. The closer the words searched are the higher their relevance to your query. For example, if you want to find records on Information Technology then you would use: Information NEAR Technology . Back to the top
Allow you to locate one word within a certain distance of another in databases. The symbols generally used in this type of search are w (with/within) and n (near). (Unit 4 A Primer on Databases and Catalogs)