Definitions for "Provisional ball"
Keywords:  unsure, golfer, lost, indeed, bounds
When a golfer takes a second shot if it is thought that their previous ball is out of bounds or lost.
If a golfer suspects that his ball may be lost, he plays a provisional ball as a time-saving measure. The provisional ball becomes the ball in play if the original ball is indeed lost.
(aka: "provisional") an additional shot played in a situation where it is believed that the original ball may be out of bounds or lost or when the rules are in question and will be checked at the end of play of either the hole or the round (the shot is played before leaving the area of the original shot) Example: "If you think your ball is either out of bounds or lost it's a good idea to play a provisional ball, as it will save you from having to walk back to the tee block if the original ball is indeed out of play or lost."