Definitions for "Protoplast"
Keywords:  fungal, plasma, livind, lipoids, pecto
Actively metabolising membrane-bound part of a cell (as distinct from the cell wall).
Cellular material, cytoplasm, mitochondria, nucleus, etc., remaining after the cell wall has been removed.
Protoplast Cell from which the cell wall has been removed (with lysozyme, for instance)
Protoxylem DIAGRAM: Vascular Cylinder PHOTO: Root Cross Section / Root Cross Section
The thing first formed; that of which there are subsequent copies or reproductions; the original.
A first-formed organized body; the first individual, or pair of individuals, of a species.
Protoplast, from the ancient Greek πρωτον (first) + πλασσειν (to mould), initially referred to the first organized body of a species. This meaning is similar to the non-biological definition, the first from which all subsequent forms are derived.
a biological unit consisting of a nucleus and the body of cytoplasm with which it interacts