Definitions for "Prosper"
To favor; to render successful.
To be successful; to succeed; to be fortunate or prosperous; to thrive; to make gain.
gain in wealth
Francis Suttill - organiser*Jack Agazarian - wireless operator*Gilbert Norman - wireless operator*Francine Agazarian - courier*Andrée Borrel - courier*Jacques Bureau - radio technician
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ASL Browser
Prosper is a web application development framework to augment Prolog applications with a web interface. It supports control flow in visual logic and promotes a clear separation of model from view.
Prosper is a LaTeX class for writing transparencies. It aims at offering an environment for easily creating slides for both presentations with an overhead projector and a video projector. Slides prepared for a presentation with a computer and a video projector may integrate animation effects, incremental display, etc.
To grow; to increase.
grow stronger; "The economy was booming"
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Prosper is an online auction website where people can lend money directly to each other. Borrowers set the maximum rate they wish to pay and lenders set the minimum rate they wish to receive. Prosper matches borrowers with lenders and manages loan repayment.