Definitions for "Propulsion"
The act driving forward or away; the act or process of propelling; as, steam propulsion.
the action of pushing or driving, usually forward or onward
Driving or moving forward.
Process by which something can be moved by producing a reaction with a force of thrust.
This is a particular system (for a rocket, satellite, etc) that provides the fuel and energy for movement (i.e., thrust) and operation.
The satellite system that provides the fuel and energy for operation.S-band The portion of the electromagnetic spectrum allotted for satellite transmission in the 2 to 4 GHz frequency range.
The Propulsion subsystem is a demonstration and characterisation payload, capable of controlling the attitude of the spacecraft using cold-gas thrusters. It has a central 6-litre tank filled with nitrogen initially at 300 bar, and is controlled by the Propulsion Instrument Control unit (sometimes also known as 'MAGIC').
An impelling act or movement.
The act of moving an object and maintaining its motion.