Definitions for "proposal"
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A request for observing time. It is also a useful handle for carrying around those observations made or to be made in aid of the goals of the request.
Ten-page application to operate a RIF program. All projects must complete a proposal annually to be considered for the renewal of their RIF program.
A written application, often accompanied by supporting documents, submitted to a foundation, corporate giving program, or government agency to request grant funding.
a contract between a debtor and his creditors
a document that is sent to a creditor when a client begins a Debt Consolidation program
a legal process available to debtors under the bankruptcy and insolvency act that provides an alternative to bankruptcy
a comprehensive approach to the task pertaining to managerial consultants, and knowledge of modern marketing research methods pertaining to research companies
means a response from a vendor to an RFP.
An offer binding on the offeror, in response to an RFP and a non-binding response to an REOI.
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a further refinement of the negotiation space that represents a configuration of parameters that would be acceptable to the submitter
a list, in decreasing order of preference, of the protection suites that a system considers acceptable to protect traffic under a given situation
a statement of purpose that is presented for someone's acceptance
A suggested amendment, deletion, or addition to a UL standard.
a suggestion, either substantive or procedural, on how to proceed or what should be done.
a formal offer or suggestion made by one business to another, and to 'run something past the board' means to get the board's approval or feedback
The offer by a party of what he has in view as to an intended business transaction, which, with acceptance, constitutes a contract.
an offer of marriage
a detailed project document that defines the scope of work, the process, the schedule, and the total price (usually in the form of a fixed fee)
Also called a prospectus. A statement or paper in which the graduate student proposes to his or her departmental committee a dissertation topic that details what the dissertation will accomplish, and how the research will be conducted. The proposal must be approved before work on the dissertation formally begins.
a narrative document--usually relatively short--that describes the programs to the granting agency
a sly attempt to de-fund the federal job training and unemployment insurance systems to an unaccountable block grant/voucher system
a contract between you, your supervisor, your committee, and the department on behalf of the College of Graduate studies about how your project or thesis will be developed
a starting point, not the finished thesis
That which is proposed, or propounded for consideration or acceptance; a scheme or design; terms or conditions proposed; offer; as, to make proposals for a treaty of peace; to offer proposals for erecting a building; to make proposals of marriage.
Plan put forth for consideration or acceptance.
something proposed (such as a plan or assumption)
a detailed explanation of what the contractor will do and exactly how much they will charge to do it
a document prepared by a company or other entity, with the intention of convincing a customer that the company should be selected as the contractor that will provide a certain product; it describes the company's recommendation for how it could provide the product, and explains why the customer should have confidence that the company has a superior design and can be relied upon to produce it according to the customer's requirements and within the described cost and schedule
Detailed presentation of an offering to perform a job for a specified amount under certain conditions. Often given by a subcontractor to a general contractor.
a concern about the proprietary way in which private, profit-making ventures, such as West Publishing Company, copyright their publication of our opinions
The document prepared by an entrepreneur to propose an investment to a venture capitalist or other investors.
an exciting one, and it could be a real feather in Glenview's cap, but there will be substantial investment of our tax dollars, and we're puzzled by the fact that preliminary discussions will be held in private
a way of trying to get a contract without writing the whole book
A query package pitching a book-length manuscript.
A summary of a proposed book - usually nonfiction - used to sell the book to a publisher or editor.
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Any drafted piece of legislation to be acted on by the Legislature. Includes Assembly Bills ( AB), Senate Bills ( SB), Assembly Joint Resolutions ( AJR), Senate Joint Resolutions ( SJR), Assembly Resolutions ( AR), and Senate Resolutions ( SR).
a tremendous opportunity to enhance U
a valuable opportunity for a vendor to grapple with very real costs and problems and prove to you that they can do an excellent job
an arrangement among competitors that limits individual pricing decisions on its face
A sales document designed to help a customer make a purchase decision by providing all relevant information, such as a price quotation and terms & conditions. The sales proposal artfully summarizes your sales message and guides your prospect to a final decision.
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ASL Browser
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a collection of protocols that the initiating and responding key servers use to establish a dynamic Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection between two endpoints
a limited integrative initiative
a novel and constructive reform initiative
a blueprint for an epidemic of identity fraud
A document served on a valuation officer by an interested person proposing an alteration to a rating list. The requirements and entitlement to make a proposal are set out in law. If the valuation officer does not agree with the proposed alteration it becomes an appeal to the Valuation Tribunal.
see Appeal
a grossly inefficient way of achieving its stated goal
A proposal is a query that has been sent by the group repository, to be accepted, rejected or challenged.
The status (i.e. adopted or rejected) of an option within a party's position.
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an assertion (i
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an enormous stack of paper
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a great step forward in protecting our children from diesel-related air pollution, and that the Agency can take steps to ensure that the rule has its desired effects
a positive step toward creating a useful IRA product
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a warm letter, like a letter to a friend
The initial paperwork sent to the borrower from the Account Executive spelling out the structure of the transaction, terms and conditions. See also, Bid Letter.
Document accompanying a petition introducing legislative amendments to the Constitution of the Commonwealth.
a document that describes the benefits or services that the issuer will provide for a specified fee.
A formal description of the creation, modification or termination of a contract....
Any offer or other submission used as a basis for pricing a contract, contract modification, or termination settlement or for securing payments there under.
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a wedding cake of tax credits piled on top of tax deductions
a basis for critical feedback, advice and assistance from staff
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a process that requires revisions
A Lessor's indication to a Lessee as to the approximate terms and conditions of a proposed lease financing, which typically includes the lease payment amount, lease term, fees, deposits, and so forth. A proposal is not binding on Lessor or Lessee, as it is typically subject to Lessor credit approval.
a promissory note by a well-intentioned scientist
The pertinent information about a potential customer and the equipment to be leased.
a continuous flow supplied air respirator
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an ordered finite non-empty list whose elements (Items) are all rule changes or Motions
a well written report that describes your current thinking about your research interest
a written way of communicating
An application for a life insurance policy.
An application for insurance or the facts contained in it; a recommendation.
see Application.
A quote that is provided to an advertiser by a media company, specifying service and cost provisions associated with an advertising program. Common to all media.
an important part of the sales process, and you need to make a great impression
A development or action which a local authority, other agency or private individual intends to implement.
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the act of making a proposal; "they listened to her proposal"
a technical writing product, requiring significant time and knowledge
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a piece of work which no one believes, neither those who propose it nor those who receive it
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a series of statements
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a communication between one human being and another
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a form put out by the company so you can "propose" they insure your machine