Definitions for "Property inspector"
A dynamic properties viewer that displays the properties of the current selection, usually of a particular type of object. Compare property sheet.
This panel is used routinely and changes depending on the element that you're working with. If your property inspector is not open, you can find it by going to Window Properties. With the property inspector you can view and change attributes of the elements that you include in your page (text, table, image, frameset, frame, layer, library, media, form).
A window that enables you to view, locate, and set the properties of the currently selected object(s) in the Object Navigator, Report Editor, and Template Editor. Every Reports Builder object (query, group, frame, parameter, etc.) has associated properties that can be viewed using the Property Inspector. The Property Inspector features: expandable and collapsible nodes in-place property editing search features multi-selection complex property dialogs the ability to invoke multiple instances of the Property Inspector To get help on any property, click the property in the Property Inspector and press F1.
A floating window or palette in Dreamweaver that allows users to format content such as text, tables, images, and links.