Definitions for "Properties"
Decorative or stage items exclusive of the scenery.
Attributes or characteristics of an object that define its state, appearance, or value.
The settings for any actor or texture. To access the Properties of an actor, just press F4 or right click on the actor. To see more about the default actor Properties, see the ActorVariables document. Q & R Quad - A set of two triangles that make up a square, easily seen in terrain in wireframe mode.
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e Eigenschaften
a joint powers authority set up by the Richmond Housing Authority and the City of Richmond
The settings and values that characterize an item in a FrontPage web, such as the title and URL of a web, the file name and path of a file, or the name and initial value of a form field.
Under Windows, you can display the properties for most printers by right clicking the unit's icon in the Printer's folder. (You can enable the setting by changing the configuration or default settings.) Back to Top Page
a real estate investment and management firm primarily focused on developing, acquiring and re-positioning retail and office assets in the Northeastern United States
a successful and ambitious company developing, managing and investing in commercial property across the UK, focusing on office, retail, leisure, industrial, and mixed use developments
All natural gas and oil wells, production and related equipment and facilities and all natural gas, oil or other mineral fee, leasehold and related interests owned or controlled, either directly or indirectly, by Matador.
Qualities or features that all things named by a word or sign share in common.
Refers to such things as hardenability, ductility and toughness, which are established by the particular chemistry of the steel and the proper heat-treat process. Properties most important to knife blades are covered in this glossary.
a feature in the WebCommerce Back Office where the merchant defines specific pieces of information necessary to running his on-line store, such as: the store's name, address, contact information, where its logo graphic is located, whether or not the store is open to take orders, etc.
a strategic step in the growth of our company, as we are now able to leverage our existing infrastructure to a wider market
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Selection in the File drop down menu that allows the setting of the View Type and Save Options
From the View Menu (sub) Image Information. The details of a file such as size (dimension and file size), color depth, format etc.
The important format information attached to every file, such as the storage size, the application it was created in, when it was last modified, and if contains other files or folders.
Attributes of parts: thickness, material, surface, temperature assignments, heat loads, convection coefficient, etc.
Information about an assignment or Learning Resource, such as subject or grade level
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how something looks, feels, smells, or tastes A stuffed toy has many properties.
A property of a material that can be observed without changing the chemical makeup of the material.
Principles or rules that mathematics always follows.
Allow users to access class variables as if they were accessing member fields directly, while actually implementing that access through a class method.
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a great way to make money