Definitions for "Prong"
Keywords:  claw, gem, clamps, stone, diamond
One of several wires or claws on a setting used to fasten and hold a stone in place.
a metal arm attached to the base of the ring setting and is clamped to the stone to retain it in the setting
a narrow piece of metal that folds oval the edge of the diamond to support it
Keywords:  fork, creek, farris, tine, lush
The tine of a fork, or of a similar instrument; as, a fork of two or three prongs.
similar to a branch, creek, or fork of a stream or river; a tributary watercourse; a reference to the associated stream valley or settlement in that valley: Wet Prong (of Farris Creek); Dry Prong (of Farris Creek).
A table fork.
Keywords:  fang, tooth
The fang of a tooth.
Keywords:  thumb
A sharp-pointed instrument.
A sharp projection, as of an antler.
Keywords:  projection, pointed
a pointed projection