Definitions for "Prompter"
One who reminds another, as an actor or an orator, of the words to be spoken next; specifically, one employed for this purpose in a theater.
He sits in a small box (called a Buca in Italy) and feeds the singers the words of nearly every line, and in Italy also relays the conductors beat. The system, one of operas worst features, is hardly conducive to a musico-dramatic performance particularly when some prompters are so loud that an aria becomes a duet. Some companies, such as the English National Opera, have mercifully banished the prompt box from most performances. The prompter is called tessitura in Italy and Souffleur in France.
A member of the musical staff of many large opera houses; the prompter sits in a small box practically invisible to the audience, under the apron of the stage, and gives singers and choristers the vocal cues seconds before they are required to sing them. Opera Pacific does not use a prompter.
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One who, or that which, prompts; one who admonishes or incites to action.
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someone who assists a performer by providing the next words of a forgotten speech
a device that displays words for people to read
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