Definitions for "Prominence"
That which is prominent; a protuberance.
See solar flare.
Large cloud of plasma extending above the Sun's chromosphere. They are divided into two main classes. Quiescent types show little motion, may last for several solar rotations and disappear slowly. Eruptive or active types form and disappear very quickly, and may grow to tremendous size.
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Prominence is the third album released by ex-Schwarz Stein member Hora. There are no vocals in any of the songs, except for "Ignition", though they are distorted.
Latin: "forward projection"] 1. The quality of rising above or projecting beyond one's neighbors. 2. A peak or outcrop. 3. A measure of how far a peak rises above its neighbors: the minimum vertical distance one must descend in order to travel (on the ground) from a peak to any higher peak.
Elevation difference between a peak's summit and the lowest contour that encircles it and no higher summit, OR [Elevation] - [Saddle Elevation] = [Prominence
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Prominence measures how close the keyword appears of the beginning of the sentence. The closer to the beginning your targeted keyword appears, the higher the prominence will be, with a higher keyword prominence being favorable. Prominence applies to word in the title, web page body, META tags, Heading tags, and the alt-tags.
The degree to which user interface controls are noticed by the user. These include: Location (measured by where in the interface a control appears, e.g. menus, toolbars, etc.) Actions to activate (measured by the number user actions required) Emphasis (measured as size, color, volume, etc.)
(Topographic prominence). See autonomous height. Prominence is a confusing term, but we are stuck with it because it is in common usage.
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the state of being prominent: widely known or eminent
A measures of newsworthiness relating to how important or well known the people, places or things in the story are to an audience.
The quality or state of being prominent; a standing out from something; conspicuousness.
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An area which protrudes or sticks out.
The intensity of stimuli that causes them to stand out relative to the environment.
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A high spot or raised area. A space that is more visible or “prominent.
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relative importance