Definitions for "Project Sponsor"
Keywords:  senior, sponsor, steering, chair, scope
The customer manager role that has responsibility for the financial scope of the project, and oversees the logical scope for improvements and changes. Project sponsors may have multiple projects, and usually report to the executive sponsor.
The executive who manages, administers, monitors, funds and is responsible for the overall project deliver.
Also referred to as Project Champion or Executive Sponsor, this position is normally held by a senior client staff member involved with the CRM project. This critical role must be in place prior to starting a CRM initiative. The sponsor has overall decision-making authority and project responsibility. Much of this person's focus should be to promote the CRM solution and Customer-Centric vision to your entire company.
Keywords:  stakeholder, kind, cash, resources, key
The key stakeholder. The person or group that provides the financial resources, in cash or in kind, for the project.
The agency proposing to build or implement a proposed project or action.