Definitions for "Project Manager"
PHP/MySQL scripts for project management, with an heirarchical view, custom databases, files and notes attached to each node and a user access control system.
person responsible for guiding and directing the work of a project.
The person who leads and coordinates a project; may be an in-house employee acting on behalf of the facilities management department, an individual on contract to the company, or an employee of a firm retained to manage projects. In small facilities departments, the facilities manager may assume this role.
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If you are a admin some project, and you donot like CVS, you must have this! In public part, you can post current files, history of project, open tasks,... Developers can post new code and take the currently , send messages to other devs,...
a common occurrence on a commercial building site and for a reason
The DNR Contaminated Staff member in charge of all aspects of a site, including, however not limited to, document review, correspondence to site owners and the public, and onsite visits. Site ID: Sequential number identification of the site record. Used to link the site record to DNR Facility Explorer Web Application.
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(can think of a smart arse comment but not game to print it)
a technically capable specialist who can help define project requirements and organize an offshore project team
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a great tool for tracking the projects that you have bid on and those that you have won
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a facilitator
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a complicated piece of software, and it requires a lot of work to get it up to the level of something like MS Project
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See Holder