Definitions for "PROGRAMS"
a perfect fit for SI in these times," said SI President Mark Ford at an announcement ceremony at the National Press Club
a private, non-profit organization through grants from foundations, individual and corporate contributions, and special events
refers to special purpose activities of an organization. such activities include, but are not limited to, the raising of capital, sale of a facility, fund-raising campaigns, new product or service introduction campaigns, capital expenditures, and special purpose government grants. (350.01.2)
are groups of related activities designed to achieve specific departmental objectives as approved by Parliament and as described in the spending estimates of the Government of Canada.
as defined by Treasury Board are "groups of related activities designed to achieve specific departmental objectives as approved by Parliament". (e.g. Aboriginal Women's Program).
Accelerated Permit Air Toxics CARE Program Clean Air Champions Climate Protection Community Outreach Compliance Assistance Inspection Program Portable Equipment Registration Smoking Vehicle Spare the Air Title V
an Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format) file
Various Square Dance calls organized by CallerLab into Basic, Mainstream, Plus, Advanced and Challenge categories. This provides dancers with an indication of material being used at a given dance.
In PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management, a high-level grouping that guides the learner along a specific learning path through sections of catalog items. PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Systems provides two types of programs - curricula and certifications.
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a better fit for you and your career goals
a professional training program designed to provide our students with not only the skills but the experience necessary to help them advance their careers
a welcome change, would love to use pocket quickbooks on my bb
A series of initiatives, courses.
Unless you intend to write programs for the server, you don't care about these. :-)
Writing Initiative | Teacher Prep | African American Read-In | Intellectual Freedom | Cultural Diversity
the step-by-step set of specific instructions that directs the computer to perform a task
a non-trivial task
a group of instructions your computer uses to perform specific tasks. Programs are also called applications.
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A pattern of pins set up on the Frick Clock's program disk which would ring bells according to the schedule needed by the users of the clock.
a convenient and smart way to earn your graduate degree online
a make-work solution to this problem of too many graduates
a manner of treating a disease or problem
a two part process involving submitting the required application materials and participating in an interactive audition or interview
A collection of functions which you can use to accomplish a particular job.
A collection of plans designed to accomplish a particular scientific goal. This can include survey programs, calibration programs and targeted observation programs.
a condition of both hospital and physician licensure
a combination of case studies, lecture, research, team projects, computer analysis, student presentations, and presentations by members of the business community
a community-building and enrichment process that ultimately enhances the entire community
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In DVB-terms, this is a channel. Also see DVB-Program(s)
Hearing aid programs offer various sounds for a variety of listening environments. As an example, one program may be for conversations, another for the telephone and a third for noisy situations. An aid can come with numerous programs and the wearer may manually change back and forth between different programs, although some are able to switch automatically.
The ability of the machine to control the speed of your workout via a computerized setting.
a decision-making process that includes the perspectives of the full fine arts faculty
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an area worthy of further investigation
a private, nonprofit organization
a computer algorithm
Those things you used to look at on your television before you hooked your computer up to it.
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In King County, a program is a group of services that share a common purpose. Each program is associated with a specific core businesses.
a major attraction of businesses that desire to locate in an area with highly trained workers
files and documents are given a name and are generally assigned an extension (although this is not always the case), which is a three-letter code that identifies the type of file in question. Some common extensions include EXE and COM, which are executable files or programs.
a primary reason for the continued growth in membership
an essential part of the application process
a very good resource on the business school application process
a hot issue in management education circles