Definitions for "PROGRAMMING"
Priortizing proposed projects and matching those projects with available funds to accomplish agreed upon, stated needs.
the goals and objectives of the landscape design project, such as "add a spa," "specify low-maintenance plants" or "allow for future basketball court."
A system of determining how a project will address the needs of a client.
A process for changing the size, weight or wall thickness of the parison mechanically during its formulation.
The extrusion of a parison which differs in thickness in the length direction in order to equalize wall thickness of the blown container.
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The act of writing a computer program.
The formal definition of programming is “creating a sequence of instructions to enable the computer to do something”. In some ways authoring Web documents appears to be programming, and in some cases it is programming (especially in regards to JavaScript). However, HTML, XHTML and CSS are mark-up languages and require a browser to interpret instructions for the computer and so are not truly programming languages. The term programming usually implies some type of logic and formulation of rules is involved.
the act of creating software or some other set of instructions for a computer.
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the action of entering data into DCC decoders.
"Available Programming" means the channels and/or satellites that your system has access to. This may be C-band satellites, Ku-band satellites, DBS, radio signals, or all of the above. Digital receivers allow more programming, and the 4DTV(tm) digital satellite receiver is the latest technology allowing you access to both digital and analog signals. Many signals require a decoder module to "decode," and a monthly programming package subscription which gives you the key to unlocking the programming of your choice.
The action of setting the internal parameters of decoders and other control equipment. During programming, values are set for CV's to determine the characteristics of locomotives, decoders and other programmable Digital devices.
the sequences of thinking and behavior patterns that constitute our strategies for achieving the results we do.
The entire conglomerate of programs established in a person's mind by a perpetrator group to direct behavior, thoughts, emotions, and/or the withholding of information; deliberately designed to establish partial or complete control over the individual.
order by term] level: Basic (2) The acquisition of any and all thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
a collaboration between the Science, Mathematics and Business/Information Technology Departments
The art (mostly) and science (occasionally) behind attempts to harness chaos for useful purposes.
Computer programming (often simply programming) is the craft of implementing one or more interrelated abstract algorithms using a particular programming language to produce a concrete computer program. Programming has elements of mathematical beauty, science, mathematics, and engineering.
the planned and structured daily routine that includes activities of daily living as well as other activities. It may be broadly defined to include types and frequency of activities, therapeutic programs and staffing patterns, ratios and assignments or the guiding philosophy of programs to meet the needs of residents of particular units, such as special care units (Teresi, 1994).
A system in which specific requirements of the client are determined in written form and, when approved by the client, become the basis for all future planning. The effects of successful programming will be felt by the client as long as he or she lives with the facility executed. The client will have a flexible enclosure able to house immediate and long-range needs without disrupting his or her operation during growth periods.
This term has been used to describe the process whereby a stimulus or insult at a "sensitive" or "critical" period of development, has lasting effects on the structure or function of the body. The term "programming", however, has different meanings in ethology and other areas of biology, and is no longer recommended to describe the developmental origins of adult disease.
the manual task of creating a software component by transforming a software design into source code written in a programming language. Synonym for coding.
a niche skill but very useful for companies who use Excel and Word for a lot of tedious tasks
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The most common form of programming poetry that I've seen is perl poetry. These poems, if in code form, must compile, though the odd poem _about_ programming tends to be accepted.
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Programming is a form of music production and performance involving using electronic devices, often computers, to create music. Used most notably in all forms of electronic music, most rap & hip-hop music, and most recently in rock music.
Noncommercial entertainment, sports, and informational broadcast programs.
Academic programming for entering and second semester freshmen takes place prior to registration. It is during this period that students select classes and are pre-registered.
A method of gas chromatographic analysis which reproducibly raises the temperature of the column so as to allow better resolution of the components over a wide range of boiling points.
setting an order and time for planned events
the act of devising and applying groups of sprinklers to the controllers; a plan or procedure for irrigating the plant material.
The process of a Clinician working with an implant recipient to generate MAPs for the use of the recipient in their speech processor.
One of the Structural Funds' principles which results in multiannual development programmes. (See also Structural Funds.)
Exhibitions or screenings of moving image items.
The planning, scheduling and presenting of a program of arts activities or events (such as live performances, exhibitions and publications).
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Publications Robotics
The development of a piece of software, or the creation of functional logic. For the purposes of the web, programming is used to create interactivity between the web site and the Programming is integral to the use of a database in conjunction with a web site.
Programming functions
The ability to play tracks in a specified order. This feature is usually included on most newer cd players.
In connector technology, a circuit pattern from the variety of circuit options offered by a given device. Programmable devices include pin boards, modules, programming systems, and various switches.
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The ability to control voltage on each output of a power supply.
Monthly or annual television viewing services.
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(see Software Engineering)