Definitions for "Programmer"
Instrument used to write, read and verify custom code in an integrated circuit.
A programmer is a person who masters software engineering and writes source code in the course of software development. In language-oriented development, the programmer has to learn the details of the domain to be able to write a direct solution. In domain-oriented development, the programmer writes code for a generator instead of a direct solution. The generator creates the solution and remains an executable representation of the programmers’ work-process because it can be run again on changed inputs.
n.: Someone who solves a problem you didn't know you had in a way you don't understand.
a device to program a chip with EEPROM, EPROM, PROM memory
a device to programme a Smart card or Programmable Integrated Circuit or Eeprom and as such is a passive product it can be put to perfectly legitimate use
In field of computer hardware, the term programmer refers to a hardware device that configures programmable non-volatile circuits such as EEPROM or programmable logic circuits.
microcomputer-based equipment used to communicate with the pulse generator. It provides information during testing and follow-up exams. The doctor uses the programmer to adjust the pulse generator so that it senses and treats your arrhythmias. The programmer can, for example, help your doctor discover when the pulse generator needs to be replaced.
Microcomputer-based equipment that is used to communicate with an implanted pulse generator and provide information during testing and follow-up exams. A programmer is also used to adjust a pulse generator so that it senses and treats arrhythmias appropriately.
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a rigorous scientist determined to coax the truth out of the ones and zeros
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a commodity at the beginning of a project, but not later
a commodity when departments are reorganized without reasonable cause
a commodity when only staffing levels are under consideration
An electrical device for entering or changing data in tag at close proximity or in electrical contact with it.
Some tags which can have their contents changed by a set of electronics in close proximity or in electrical contact with it. Those electronics and their packaging are called a programmer.
Unit which provides access to the system configuration functions, such as setting locomotive addresses, combining and breaking up Multiple Unit lashups, etc. May be integrated with the Command Station, or with one or more Cabs.
a professionally warped thinker
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Oxford English
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a bug's way of making more bugs
This involves any way to externally flash your modchip, using a pc and other connections.
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a domain expert for his/her field of programming
a domain expert for his/hers field of programming
a person who learns from trial and error, from books, from the internet, from friends, and from family
a person who passes as an exacting
person with a natural sense of algorithm
(see Software Engineering)
an engineer and it is safe to generalize on engineers as a species
an engineer, or at least should be
Originator of television programs transmitted via satellite.
Programmer is an individual who creates the programs and tools which exist on the server.
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