Definitions for "Profit Margin"
Keywords:  revenue, turnover, margin, net, divide
The profitability of a company measured by relating profits to revenues. The three most common profit margin calculations are: operating profit margin, pretax profit margin and net profit margin.
The ratio of profits (generally pre-tax) to sales. To calculate, divide pre-tax profit by sales/revenues.
see return on sales.
The amount above invoice price that a dealer gains. Commonly referenced as a percentage of invoice price or mark-up.
Keywords:  cost, gross, positive, service, product
Positive difference that results from the selling products or services for more than the cost of producing these products or services.
The amount that the price of a product or service is raised above its cost in order to provide a gross profit.
The difference between the price you charge for goods or services and the costs to produce these goods and services.