Definitions for "Production Manager"
Responsible for technical preparations, including budgeting and scheduling of productions.
The administrator responsible for coordinating the sets, costumes, rehearsal facilities and all physical aspects of a production. Is often the one who negotiates with the various unions representing stage hands, musicians, etc.
Person responsible for co-ordination of audio, lighting and staging requirements, and crew, for any performance. Other responsibilities may include the scheduling of performances, physical placement of equipment and management of relevant health and safety matters.
The person responsible for purchasing, soliciting estimates and acting as a liaison with vendors. He or she also monitors vendors' performance (cost, quality, timeliness, etc.).
The person responsible for overseeing details in the creation of a television or print advertisement.
Responsible for all administration matters to do with filming.
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Person in charge of everything (sound, lights, staging, trucking, effects) except the band. Submitted by Karl Kuenning RFL from Roadie Net.
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a team player who wears jeans to work and is usually covered in sawdust
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See Producer.[ edit][ edit