Definitions for "product line"
A set of related products sold by a single company.
a family of similar products addressing a particular market segment, or domain, and provides a massive opportunity for reuse
a group of brands that are closely related in terms of their functions and the benefits they provide (e
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a particular kind of product or merchandise; "a nice line of shoes"
a line of high instruments precision optical spectrum analyzers designed for dense and coarse technical WDM applications
See line of business.
a set of products designed within a single strategy to exploit mutual synergies
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an object wich contains a mode and a ProductInfo object
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a Pocket Digital Photo Album, Set-Top Receiver, and Portrait Digital Photo Receiver
Refers to the population that the health plan covers: Commercial: Health care coverage paid for by employers or individual consumers. Medicare: The federal government's health care program for all persons over the age of 65 and for younger persons who have disabilities and cannot work. Medicaid: A state-funded health care program for low income or disabled persons.
Project planning Purchase Orders or Letter of credits
The complete range of vehicles as offered by a manufacturer or division.
A collection of (existing and potential) products that address a designated business area.