Definitions for "Product Disclosure Statement"
Keywords:  pds, complaint, disclosure, kfs, fsra
A PDS is an offer document which sets out information including the features of the product, fees that apply, the benefits and risks of investing in the product, commissions that may affect returns, information about complaints handling and cooling off rights, and other information that might reasonably be expected to have a material influence on an investor's decision to invest.
A PDS is a document (or group of documents) which describes a financial product or service, including the features, benefits, cost and risks associated with that product. The purpose of the PDS is to ensure you are well informed about the product.
An offer document for a financial product. Broadly speaking, it contains information that a person would reasonably require for the purpose of making a decision whether to acquire a financial product. This includes information about the product features, fees that apply, any adviser commission, benefits and risks of investing and what to do if you have a complaint.