Definitions for "Processing"
Processing is a programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and sound. It is used by students, artists, designers, architects, researchers, and hobbyists for learning, prototyping, and production. It is created
Producing an image (either negative or positive) from exposed film or photographic paper by developing, fixing and washing it.
The sequence of steps in which the latent photographic image is converted into a visible, permanent image. (see Dev.& Latent image)
The preparation of a mortgage loan application and documentation for consideration by a lending institution. This includes verifying employment and assets, obtaining payoffs on current mortgage liens and performing a preliminary review on the title search and appraisal report before providing the entire loan application to the underwriter for final review.
A procedure where a processor takes a file from a loan officer and completes all the necessary steps to get the loan into underwriting.
The second step in the home equity application process which involves the verification of information stated on the application. Credit reports and the appraisal are also ordered at this time.
A general term for all of the processes applied to tobacco after it has been cured and before it is used in the manufacture of tobacco products. Processing involves various stages, including blending, threshing, re-drying, and packaging.
The process of taking a live animal, slaughtering it and then breaking down into saleable beef/sheepmeat.
Cooking, baking, curing, heating, drying, mixing, grinding, churning, separating, extracting, slaughtering, cutting, fermenting, distilling, eviscerating, preserving, dehydrating, freezing, chilling, or otherwise manufacturing and includes the packaging, canning, jarring, or otherwise enclosing food in a container.
Library materials that are in the process of being catalogued and labeled to be placed on library open stacks. Patrons may request to be notified when the item Is ready to be checked out.
Catch-all term for preparing books and other materials to be made available to the library's users. Some materials are ordered pre-processed or ready for the shelf. Processing may include cataloging, preparation of cards, putting in book pockets and attaching protective covers.
(spent fuel...): selectively partitioning of materials contained in spent fuel to extract those that can be recycled (uranium and plutonium) or possibly transmuted, and conditioning the different types of final waste for storage or disposal
conversion of data into a meaningful form (information).
Computer instructions executed to transform inputted data (word processing, sorting, calculating) into useable information. WWWebfx Home Page
Operations performed on data to transform it in some way.
That action or actions, governed by the technical disciplines and codes of Scientology, of administering a process to a preclear in order to release or free him.
another word for auditing. See auditing in this glossary.
the action of asking a preclear a question (which he can understand and answer), getting an answer and acknowledging him for that answer. Also called auditing.
Unpolymerized photopolymer material is removed to produce a relief printing plate. A washout solution and brushing action removes the unpolymerized photopolymer which dissolves in the washout solution.
A term describing the mistreatment of a coin by wire brushing, acid dipping, or otherwise abrading or eroding the surface in an effort to make it appear in a higher grade than it actually is. Processed coins must be specifically described as such.
The manipulation of data by a computer in accordance with its instructions, or programming. (Terms, Gr. 3)
the way information is manipulated, including information retrieval, examination, organization, analysis.
The ability to accurately perceive and manipulate information. In the context of reading, processing refers to the ability to distinguish speech sounds and identify letter and word forms.
The activities of appraising, arranging, describing and preserving archival materials.
The accessioning, arrangement, description and proper storage of archival materials. During processing, preservation concerns are identified.
treating a food in such a way as to change its nature and properties in order to preserve it, to improve its eating quality or to make useful ingredients.
Processing is an open source project initiated by Casey Reas and Benjamin Fry, formerly of the Aesthetics and Computation Group at the MIT Media Lab. It is "a programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) built for the electronic arts and visual design communities", which aims to teach the basics of computer programming in a visual context, and to serve as the foundation for electronic sketchbooks. One of the stated aims of Processing is to act as a tool to get non-programmers started with programming, through the instant gratification of visual feedback.
With respect to proteins, generally used to refer to proteolytic post-translational modifications of a polypeptide. In the case of RNA, processing may involve the addition of a 5' cap and 3' poly-A tracks as well as splicing reactions in the nucleus.
Modifications made to the protein to make it functional.
biochemical modifications of biomolecules (RNAs, proteins)
Operation consisting of extracting the economically valuable mineral or minerals from ore or tailings.
A general term that refers to the overall process of manufacturing heroin. Includes the acetylation process, a number of intermediate purification and precipitation processes, and the process of chemically converting heroin base to a soluble salt form of heroin, generally heroin hydrochloride. Heroin processing can also include the extraction of morphine from opium, and may include other operations, such as filtering, drying, pressing, and packaging the finished heroin product.
The daily operation of all systems in the IT environment.
The ability to accurately attach meaning to stimuli. Can be impaired in some Autistic children and adults.
an extremely time-consuming process, AFDIL was able to demonstrate their ability to obtain mtDNA from these approximately thirty year old specimens and associate them with maternal family references
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The status of an ACH batch that has been submitted to FirstBank but not yet released for transmission to the Federal Reserve. A batch in Processing status may still be deleted.
(Car Toys Order Status) has begun to review and process your order. Orders are typically in the processing status less than one business day.
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The work involved in arranging records to make them available for use, including sorting, packing, labelling, and shelving.
the work involved in transforming building stone from quarry blocks to cut or finished stone. This includes primary sawing into slabs. It may also include both hand and mechanical techniques such as sawing, drilling, grinding, honing, polishing, and carving.
It refers to all the steps involved in the preparation of harvested seed for marketing; viz., handling, selling, pre conditioning, drying, cleaning, size grading, upgrading, treating and packaging. In a narrow sense however, it refers only to preconditioning, cleaning, size grading and upgrading of seeds.
an important step in ensuring that your lists are fully updated prior to mailing
Steps that finish a printed stamp sheet. Processing includes perforation, trimming, dividing the sheet into individual panes, and packaging for distribution.
The separation of oil, gas, and natural gas liquids and the removal of impurities.
Removing excess moisture and erroneous hydro-carbons from the natural gas to a point where it is deemed suitable for transport on the pipeline.
The separation and refining of oil, natural gas, and gas liquids to remove purities and ready for the market.
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See photofinishing.
see manufacturing.
When referring to zone activity, means, any activity involving a change in condition of merchandise, other than manufacturing, which results in a change in the customs classification of an article or in its eligibility for entry for consumption.
General term used to denote the various treatments of milk (for example, pasteurization). The term also refers to the various manufacturing processes in milk treatment, cheese making, butter making and most commonly, for the heat treatment of cheese in the presence of an emulsifying agent.
A set of procedures used by a business to renew commercial linens from a soiled state to a properly cleaned state
Procedures performed to meet cleanliness specifications for apparel and accessories. Go to top
The procedure by which the merchant sends the information about each credit card transaction to the issuing Bank so that the Issuing Bank can pay the merchant for the transactions.
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a decomposition
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In this pre-production stage, RMS is gathering the necessary materials to begin your order, including media from the publisher or a company logo that you supply. During this time, RMS may be in contact with you to discuss additional options regarding your reprint.
an underlying Security Policy Database (SPD) that specifies what services are to be offered to IP datagrams and in what fashion
a common mechanism leading to lipodystrophy
The act of removing the coffee cherry pulp from the seeds. Coffee cherries are either sun dried and milled, or fermented and pulped.
(a) intentional work that leads to the goal of being clear and conscious
The clearing of a transaction by a computer.
taking data and doing things with it. It is the "thinking" that the computer does - the calculations, comparisons, and decisions
the immediate response to elements in an advert or promotion: attention, learning, emotion, and (for high-involvement purchase decisions) acceptance
Changing the character of an audio signal through the use of compressors, limiters, EQ, etc.
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occurs while in the processing facility, in storage or during processing
Getting the required information so that the lender can assess a borrower.
Is a term used to describe the management of payment transaction flows.