Definitions for "Processed"
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Blending one or more natural cheeses with other ingredients (oils, emulsifiers, flavorings, etc.).
subjected to a special process or treatment; "prepared ergot"; "processed cheeses are easy to spread"
prepared or converted from a natural state by subjecting to a special process; "processed ores"
"lavorato; elaborato; (di alimenti) conservato mediante trattamento; sottoposto a lavorazioni industriali"
freed from impurities by processing; "refined sugar"; "refined oil"; "to gild refined gold"- Shakespeare
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The status of an ACH batch that has been submitted to FirstBank and released to the Federal Reserve. A batch in Processed status has been sent to the Federal Reserve and can no longer be deleted.
Glossary-P The time between application and loan closing. During this time your loan processor, reviews your income and asset documentation, obtains a title insurance policy and clears any clouds on title, orders and reviews your property appraisal, obtains evidence of homeowners insurance, verifies the flood zone status of your property, and coordinates the signing and closing of the loan. This process typically takes 30 to 45 days.
When something has gone through some changes so that it looks different. These changes can be large or small.
antigen]: cut into small pieces (usually peptides) for presentation to T cells.
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a term used in the camps by the Jews that meant to kill