Definitions for "Probe "
A long screwdriver-like device made of brass used to penetrate the ground and physically locate a detected target before digging it up
A sequence of DNA or RNA, labeled or marked with a radioactive isotope, used to detect the presence of complementary nucleotide sequences.
A small piece of DNA that is used to isolate or detect complementary target in the reaction mixture.
Fig.: to search to the bottom; to scrutinize or examine thoroughly.
an investigation by an appointed committee into alleged corruption or illegal activities.
to explore or investigate inside something with an instrument; to try to find out about something (sometimes hidden information or meaning) through asking questions and conducting research My tooth hurts and I don't want the dentist to probe it. The government statement said that it intended to probe further into the piling scandal. probe (n)
An unmanned vehicle travelling into space to celestial bodies in order to collect information about them.
A vessel designed to pass and observe an astronomical object. Usually unmanned.
an unmanned spacecraft that is sent to collect data from space
To examine, as a wound, an ulcer, or some cavity of the body, with a probe.
An instrument for examining the depth or other circumstances of a wound, ulcer, or cavity, or the direction of a sinus, of for exploring for bullets, for stones in the bladder, etc.
Pertaining to a pointed instrument used to explore and examine the teeth and restorations.
Probe is a website-usage analysis tool. It 'probes' certain pages being viewed by a visitor, without needing access to log files from the webserver, and produces a web-page with statistics using bargraphs.
In well logging, a probe is a downhole logging instrument. A sonde tool.
Also called sonde or tool; downhole well-logging instrument package.
Acronym for Pilot Radiation Observation Experiment, a part of the ARM program designed to provide a tropical cloud and radiation data base for ARM, a testbed for ARM instrumentation in the tropics, and experience for a long-term ARM observational facility to be established in the tropical western Pacific. See the PROBE Web site.
1. An instrumented vehicle that is located in the upper atmosphere, space or upon another celestial body and used to obtain information about the specific enviroment. 2. The vacuum tube which houses the science instrument assembly, the electrical cables and connectors which connect the gyro susupension, SQUIDs, telescope detectors, and SIA instrumentation to their electronics boxes. The probe is installed in the Dewar well.
a location or activity to which DTrace can bind a request to perform a set of actions , like recording a stack trace, a timestamp, or the argument to a function
A software application on a network that receives the RMON analysis and capture data from the network agents.
a device that contains remote network monitoring (RMON) software to record information about the network traffic it observes
an example of an RMON device
a small but high-tech extension for ProfiTrace that makes it possible to do measurements directly on the PA bus
Probe was a 1988 American television pilot and subsequent TV series created by William Link and Isaac Asimov which aired on ABC. The pilot and series starred Parker Stevenson as a misanthropic genius who solved high tech crimes.
The parlor game Probe was introduced in the early 1970s (at least as long ago as 1971) by Parker Brothers.
Eddy current transducer.
A device used to send back information. Campbell Scientific uses the words probe, sensor, and transducer interchangeably.
a device that contains a number of general purpose or mission specific sensors and can be launched from a starship for closer examination of objects in space
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a team's lead paddler in heavy whitewater
Probe (formerly known as The Probe Team and The Probe Team Documentaries) is a Philippine public affairs program being aired on ABS-CBN and on its sister cable channel, the ANC. It is hosted by Cheche Lazaro and is produced by Probe Productions Inc., under a joint co-production agreement with ABS-CBN.
A probe is characterized by unusual attempts to gain access to a system or to discover information about the system. One example is an attempt to log in to an unused account. Probing is the electronic equivalent of testing doorknobs to find an unlocked door for easy entry. Probes are sometimes followed by a more serious security event, but they are often the result of curiosity or confusion. (From
A type of hacking attempt characterized by repetitious, sequential access attempts. For example, a hacker might try to probe a series of ports in search of one that is open, or one might probe a range of IP addresses in search of a responsive computer.
A valid, reliable, and standardized assessment used to monitor student progress. Probes used for progress monitoring should be time efficient, curriculum-independent, and sensitive to small increments of growth.
a task-oriented program designed specifically towards a certain task, such as monitoring an application, a filesystem, a database etc
Proxy Based Estimating, is the estimation method introduced by Watts Humphrey (of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University) as part of the Personal Software Process (a discipline that helps individual software engineers monitor, test, and improve their own work). PROBE is based on the idea that if an engineer is building a component similar to one he built previously, then it will take about the same effort as it did in the past.
Any effort to gather information about a machine or its users for the apparent purpose of gaining unauthorized access to the system at a later date.
a device used to gather information from remote, hazardous or otherwise difficult to reach locations
an effort to gather information about a computer or its users for the purpose of gaining unauthorized access later
A thermocouple composed of two wires of dissimilar metals joined together at one end. When this junction is heated, a millivolt signal is generated. The word “probe” is used interchangeably throughout this manual. It can also be a thermistor/RTD device that does not output electricity but changes the grounding potential or current/voltage to an amplified meter with temperature.
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a connection made to a computer in order to determine if it has a security vulnerability (for example, testing a mail relay to see if it allows third party relay)
an IP packet traveling to an IP destination, all measurement-based CAC techniques apply to VoIP only (including VoIP over Frame Relay and VoIP over ATM networks)
an object that can gather information from one object and relay it to other objects, including displays on the screen
a feasible choice to identify Shigella among crowded background flora
a move which asks the opponent to make a choice, allowing you to decide your own strategy on the basis of this choice
In studies of memory, an item from a list to be remembered that is presented as a cue to the subject; for example, the subject could be asked to give the next item in the list.
an oscilloscope input device, usually having a pointed metal tip for making electrical contact with a circuit element and a flexible cable for transmitting the signal to the oscilloscope.
a circuit node/test point to be forced to logic/voltage levels and/or monitored during simulation
A branch introduced into a circuit (or system) that does not alter the circuit's behavior, but lets the simulator read the potential or flow at that point.
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a simple mathematical function which operates locally on image grey levels and produces an output that is more directly usable by an algori thm
A probe is a specific type of Presence packet that seeks to discover another entity's availability.
A probe is a specific type of Info/Query request that searches for presence information.
more info A metal rod used to probe through avalanche debris for buried victims.
Soil probes are used to find the depths of soil layers of feature stains.
a novel field tool, which allows the assessment of soil environments at pipe depth without excavation
An instrument like a ruler that the dental professional uses to measure pocket depth. A probe measures in millimeters.
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see canula.
a mark occasionally found on trial or test pieces; Probe can also refer to the lead content of pewter; see pewter purities.
The male connecting piece of a Deadfront M.O.V.E. arrester.
An oligonucleotideof 25 base-pairs, i.e., a 25-mer.
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Formally spoken, probes are the rows of the expression matrix. A probe represents a gene or an EST of a microarray experiment.
A diagnostic tool to measure the gingival (measurement is in mm)
Piece of diagnostic or monitoring equipment used on or inside the body.
a systematic strip transect survey through a stand to obtain detailed information on infestation levels, history, and stand data needed to make management decisions.
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a follow up to a previous Pacifica recall
the portion of an NMR spectrometer comprising the RF coils and some associated electronics. The RF coils may consist of separate receiver and transmitter coils in a crossed-coil configuration, or, alternatively, a single coil to perform both functions.
A SPEBSQSA subsidiary organization of Public Relations Officers and Bulletin Editors. See
a check of the maintenance of a target behavior that has already been established
a specific action taken by the auditor to establish whether the evidence for a target (in the first sense) is accurate
A part of an emulator that can be inserted in place of the target chip in the actual embedded systems hardware.
A phase of active matching in which a candidate driver communicates with a device and verifies whether it can drive it. The driverâ€(tm)s probe member function is invoked to kick off this phase. The driver returns a probe score that reflects its ability to drive the device. See also "driver matching".
a physical device which observes and reports back to its senders
Small device for measuring and testing.
a high quality connector cable that has been carefully designed not to pick up stray signals originating from radio frequency (RF) or power lines
An electrolysis needle. The probe is inserted into the hair follicle during electrolysis treatment.
a mechanism through which any object can access a variable or method you define in a Swarm
a non-directive way of clarifying answers, motivating R and focusing attention on the particular Q
That portion of a thermostat which extends into the substance whose temperature the thermostat is sensing. Back to the top
a neutrally worded prompt designed to elicit further responses
a check of a table entry
a discrete check, or set of checks, configured to run against one or more servers, databases, and services
A message passing concept in which a check is made to see if a message is available, though the message is not actually received at that time.
A set of criteria that is either a template or a set of values assigned to a system that is used to measure the performance of a system.
the part of a measurement system which is maneuvered to contact a part to be measured, and records a measurement point based on the contact point of the spherical end of the probe
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An electrode designed to sense water level by contact, usually in a stilling well. In some installations a probe is set at a pre-determined height to produce a mark on the recorder graph as the water level reaches it. Portable probes are also used to check the level of the water in the well.
Change Manager uses a private protocol between the Sun Management Center server and agent to perform particular management operations. This protocol relies on a Sun Management Center "probe connection," which provides a data stream between server and agent. The probe mechanism relies on standard Sun Management Center authentication to ensure proper access to the Change Manager components on the agent. The agent must be properly configured and must be in the appropriate server context before a probe connection can be established.
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an extremely sharp metal point that can be as narrow as a single atom at the tip
a branch in which no value is assigned for either the potential or the flow, anywhere in the module
a solution of a relaxation of the original problem that can be obtained efficiently
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a list of one or more vectors that represent points in the image
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See scan.
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a bit of code that is injected/inserted/
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a command or a transaction (e
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Device attached to a network that allows you to get information on the network to the packet level.