Definitions for "Probability of Precipitation"
The likelihood of a precipitation event occurring at any given point in the forecast area. A precipitation event is the occurrence of a measurable amount (0.01 inch or greater) of liquid moisture falling during a specific period in the forecast area. As guidance, an expression of uncertainty and areal qualifying terms would have the following relationship to POP values... POP Statement Value Expression of Uncertainty Equivalent Areal Qualifier20% slight chance isolated, few 20% slight chance few, widely scattered 30-40% chance scattered 50% good chance scattered 60-70% likely numerous 80-100% no remark no remark
(Abbrev. PoP)- The probability that precipitation will be reported at a certain location during a specified period of time.
The chance for at least .01 inch of rain or .01 inch liquid equivalent of frozen precipitation at any one location.