Definitions for "Pro"
Professional Review Organization. An organization that reviews the activities and records of a health care provider, institution, or group. The reviewer is generally a physician if a physician is the subject of the review; a group of administrators, physicians, and allied health care personnel if a hospital is the subject of the review; etc. The PRO can be state-sponsored or independent.
Professional Review Organization. An organization in which practicing physicians assume responsibility for reviewing the propriety and quality of health care services provided under Medicare and Medicaid.
Performing Rights Organization. An organization that administers the performing rights associated with a musical work, on behalf of composers, lyricists, songwriters and music publishers (see SOCAN).
A Latin preposition signifying for, before, forth.
Prefix that designates structures of the first segment of the thorax, the prothorax.
( Heslop-Harrison, 1963 ) A prefix indicating a developmental precursor of a feature. Example: probaculum.
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Parliamentary Relations Office
Public Record Office - usually the context will indicate which, e.g. the PRO, Kew, England, holding records of English or Welsh departments and other entities.
Performance and Results Office - US Dept. of Labor, Employment & Training Administration
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The means by which a climb is rendered safe, or at least reduces the risk as perceived by the climber. The protection is obtained by the insertion of metal wedges into cracks and clipping the rope to these in a way that permits the rope to run freely. In the case of a fall, the climber will only drop around twice the distance from the last piece of protection. The protection is removed by the second climber for reuse, either later during the same climb or on another climb.
Abbreviation of protection. Anchors placed by a lead climber to secure a climb and lessen the severity of a fall.
Anchors that are placed and used to reduce the distance the lead climber would fall should he/she slip
a professional golfer may work as playing pro on professional competition series, or as teachingpro
a professional is a golfer or person who plays or teaches golf for financial reward, may work as a touring pro in professional competitions, or as a teaching pro (also called a club pro)
gram: The interpretation of a curriculum statement into a teaching and learning plan.
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NORBA's top racing category.
In category theory, a PRO is a strict monoidal category whose objects are the natural integers and whose tensor product is given on objects by the addition on integers. By an integer n, we mean here the set \{0,1,\ldots,n-1\}.
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Professional, Professional-Snowboarder
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Point de raccordement opérateur
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pro fessional writer.
In a BTSC analog television signal, the narrowband subcarrier which is 6.5 times the horizontal scanning frequency and usually conveys cues and orders or data on a closed circuit basis, not to the general public
' airesis prohairesis a decision, literally to choose what is worthy in advance
nation - The natural inward motion of the foot after heel strike and before pushing off again with the ball of the foot. Overpronation is excessive inward motion and can lead to running injuries. Learn how to choose running shoes.
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Professional; i.e. prostitutes or paid escorts.
a number issued to each shipment of freight by the carrier and used for computer tracking of the shipment to it's destination.
An acronym for "progressive rotating order." A PRO number is assigned to each shipment and serves as a tracking number and a Roadway invoice number.
Progressive Rotating Order. See PRO Number.
Professional Remodelers of Ohio is the remodeling industry resource in Northeast Ohio for information and advocacy for consumers, community and members.
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any guy at the trading center who never says anything and is usually smiling (see Joker)
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A term used by truckers, same as Bill of Lading.
Program Revenue-Other.
Program revenues-other; consist of fees collected by the Department for licenses or services, and nonfederal grants received.
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A covert/null case Pronoun.
Individual / Personal, The .pro domain will be restricted to credentialed professionals and related entities and is operated by RegistryPro
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Protracted Refugee Operations
Net: Pro-Net is an Internet-based database of information on more than 195,000 small, disadvantaged, 8(a), HUBZone, and women-owned businesses.
Pro fonts conform with the Adobe OpenType “Pro” character set; see “OpenType Font Character Sets”.
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INTE Projector identifier.
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an argument in favor of a proposal
in favor of (an action or proposal etc.); "a pro vote"
For, on, or in behalf of, the affirmative side; -- in contrast with con.
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an athlete who plays for pay
This suffix is used for certified professionals. It is operated by the Registry Services Corporation.
Professional Collection (Faculty access only)......................................................................................................................................... Reference
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and experienced player, professional.
A professional poker player.
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Someone who rides for cash awards.
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Windows XP Professional
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Profile (file name extension)
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for, supporting pro-government
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Short for protection.
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Profile or PROLOG Program File
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See “prostitute
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