Definitions for "PRL"
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Preferred retinal locus. the favored fixation point for viewing an image.
Preferred Roaming List In short, this is a set of roaming instructions within a mobile phone. The PRL is a list of information that resides in the memory of a digital phone. It lists the frequency bands the phone can use in various parts of the country. This is done to utilize roaming agreements or to save on roaming costs.
Referred Roaming List. A list of SID's kept inside a phone to permit roaming on other wireless networks. A service provider may set up roaming agreements with other service providers in different geographic regions and the PRL will try to locate one of these service providers' networks first when the home service provider is unavailable. PRL's do change so it's a good idea to ask for a PRL upgrade every 6 months or so if you do a lot of roaming outside your home service area.
Psychophysical Research Laboratories. Located in Princeton, New Jersey, the PRL has conducted various parapsychological experiments, most notably with the creation of the autoganzfeld, but recently had to shut down due to lack of funding.
Potential Release Location
See Psychophysical Research Laboratories.
Page relocatable program. A page relocatable program is stored on disk with a PRL filetype. Page relocatable programs are easily relocated to any page boundary and thus are suitable for execution in a nonbanked MP/M system.
Prolactin. This hormone is produced by the pituitary and is usually best known as the ‘milk hormone', because its main purpose is to stimulate the breasts to produce milk after childbirth. However, men and women produce prolactin all the time. Its purpose in men is unclear.
A Petroleum Retention License as issued by the Papua New Guinea government, each such permit being identified by number.
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White Pearl PS = Pink Shell