Definitions for "Privatization"
A process whereby publicly owned enterprises are sold to private investors. (Contrast with nationalization.)
occurs when services that are owned and operated by the government are sold to private corporations. While governments provide services like education, healthcare, and social assistance as a service to citizens, when corporations own these services their main goal is profit.
The transfer of government-owned or government-run companies to the private sector, usually by selling them.
A trend toward the use of prisons and jails operated by private companies.
The process of private, for-profit businesses taking over the provision of public services. Types of government contracts that have been privatized include prisons, water utilities, trash collection, clerical jobs, food service, information system jobs, and job placement for welfare recipients.
Going into the marketplace to hire individuals or companies with special skills or services to help the school system operate such programs as transportation, food service, cleaning services, tutoring, or instruction. Also known as contracted services.
The process of change (industry or business) from governmental to private control or ownership.
In Reaganomics, traditional governmental functions were transferred to private owners or contractors on the ground of greater productivity.
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