Definitions for "PRIVATE MORTGAGE"
a financed property agreement through a company that allows a person to borrow to buy a home, but yet the company is not a bank, lender or loan broker
a financing solution that can aid borrowers who cannot qualify for a mortgage from conventional lending sources
a loan that is issued by a private lender
A real estate secured loan granted to a borrower with private monies (generally by an individual).
A mortgage that is granted to a borrower with private moneys, Typically these types show on the borrowers credit report and may not appear on title.
a quick, easy way to sell or acquire property without involving a Bank or other financial institution
A mortgage contract in which the lender is not a registered financial institution but may be a friend, family member or individual investor.
Keywords:  pledged, real, loan, parties, estate
a real estate loan made by an individual or group of individuals
A loan between two private parties where real property is pledged as security for a loan.