Definitions for "PRIMATE"
Keywords:  monkey, lemur, ape, mammal, eyesight
A vertebrate order that includes humans, apes, monkeys and lemurs; marked by similar limb and tooth structure and superior thinking ability.
Mammals having large brains, eyes that look forward, and usually opposable thumbs-thumbs they can bend to help pick up objects. Primates include humans, apes, and monkeys.
an mammal in the same group with humans, monkeys, and apes.
The head of a church, especially a State church supported by involuntary contributions. The Primate of England is the Archbishop of Canterbury, an amiable old gentleman, who occupies Lambeth Palace when living and Westminster Abbey when dead. He is commonly dead.
The chief ecclesiastic in a national church; one who presides over other bishops in a province; an archbishop.
The Bishop with pastoral and administrative responsibility and authority for a group of dioceses that constitute a Church. A primate is sometimes called a metropolitan. The Presiding Bishop in the case of the Episcopal Church, and the Archbishop of Canterbury in the case of the Church of England and the Anglican Communion.
a classification of biology used to group several similar animal species together
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One of the Primates.