Definitions for "Priestess"
A person who serves a god/goddess in a temple.
(1) A holy woman who takes an officiating role in worship of any religion, with the distinguishing characteristic of offering sacrifices. (2) A female dedicated to both the service of her choosen deity or deities and humankind. A high priestess is a feminine leader of a coven or wiccan organization that plays the role of Goddess in certain ceremonies.
(PREEST / PREEST-ehs) - People who are the focal points of power for their Gods. The Gods choose them at birth and give them a special birthmark that indicates their destiny.
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Priestess is a rock/hard rock band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The group is composed of Dan Watchourn, Vince Nudo, Mike Dyball, and Mikey Heppner.
A woman who officiated in sacred rites among pagans.
a woman priest
a woman who lives her life from her heart and sees everything as sacred
a female priest-one who exercises priestly rights and powers by virtue of the priesthood