Definitions for "PRI"
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Primary Rate Interface. An ISDN service providing users with 23 64 kbps bearer (or B) channels for message information and 1 64 kbps data (or D) channel for signaling and control over an existing telephone line.
Primary Rate Interface. One of two levels of ISDN service. In North America, PRI typically provides 23 bearer channels for voice and data and one channel for signaling information (commonly expressed as 23B+D). In Europe, PRI typically provides 30 bearer lines (30B+D). See Basic Rate Interface and Integrated Services Digital Network.
A PRI is a T1 connection that is specially configured to carry 23 64K voice channels plus a single 64k carrier channel (to monitor the PRI). Think of it as a bulk package of 23 telephone lines.
Partido Revolucionario Institucional
Partidos Revolucionario Institucional
Programme Related Investments (PRI) are a type of social investment that can be made by charities. They are charitable objectives and a financial return - although the financial return may be at a lower rate than an investment made with only a financial return as its aim. When making programme-related investments, the usual rules (as set out in the 2000 Trustee Act) obliging trustees to make the highest possible financial return do not apply. For example, a large operating charity may choose to lend money to a smaller charity with similar charitable purposes: the larger charity accepts that it could have made more financially if it invested in the commercial markets, but it is giving up part of the financial return to boost its social return.
Program Related Investment. An investment by a foundation NOT in the form of an outright grant that serves to accomplish a charitable objective. Once an investment is determined to be program-related, it is considered a qualifying distribution and counts toward satisfying the foundation's 5% payout requirement.
(Public Radio International)—A noncommercial radio network, founded in 1983, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that develops, funds, acquires, and distributes programming used by public radio stations nationwide.
Pulse Recurrence Interval. The time interval between the start of a transmitted pulse and the start of the next transmitted pulse. PRI is the reciprocal of the pulse-recurrence frequency. Same as Pulse Recurrence Time.
Pulse Repetition Interval, the interval between radar pulses. Quadrature
Party of the Institutionalized Revolution; dominant political party in Mexico; developed during the 1920s and 1930s; incorporated labor, peasant, military, and middle-class sectors; controlled other political organizations in Mexico. (p. 937)
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APIR® Participant Identifier
personalized retirement interview A telephone and Web-based counseling and intake program for a member applying for a retirement annuity. Upon completion, TRS generates all necessary forms, completes all available information on the forms, and mails the forms to the member for signature.
Pensioner Retirement Increases. Pensioner increases granted after legislative approval
Premier Resources International
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Primary valve on Pipeline
Registered as to principal only. Principal payment is registered. Interest is paid upon surrender of coupons. Bond form cannot be changed.
Used for large enterprise in the Integrated Services Digital Network, until 30 simultaneous calls.
Patient review instrument; a document used to determine the type of care a patient needs based on their functional abilities.
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Price book ratio Price compression