Definitions for "Preview "
To rehearse an edit without actually performing (recording) it.
Many shows (especially in the West End) have previews before they open officially. These are performances which are essentially try-outs in front of an audience. Changes to script, performances and all other aspects of the show can be (and often are) made during previews. The actual first night is designated the press night, when press critics are allowed in to review the show.
a screening for a select audience in advance of release for the general public
Designated time for prospective bidders to view and inspect the lots to be offered at auction.
To see a simulated Player output on the Studio screen.
After saving the created or edited page, under File, click on Preview or, use the Preview icon on the task bar to see a simulation of how the page will look in a browser. NOTE: that most hotlinks will not work in Preview mode. Choose different USER AGENTS to see simulations of different browsers. Click "show all pages" to view both published and unpublished pages in the navigation.
Preview (Jessica Vale) is an American mutant in the Marvel Universe. Jessica Vale had the ability of short-term precognition, usually minutes in advance. She was the sister of Sarah Vale.
A function on some memory lighting control desks with video mimics. Preview enables the operator to see the levels of dimmers and other information in a lighting state other than that on stage.
a read-only rendering of a document that mimics what a user would have seen if the document was opened with an application program associated with the document
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this feature is something that members can use to see if there are any errors in their posts before actually posting it to a thread. It is useful to catch spelling errors or an error in a link to a site or to display a image in a reply.
A graphical WYSIWYG display of a document in a word processing program.
A screen display of what will be printed at the user's option. AKA "Print Preview".
Preview is a simple image viewer for GNUstep. It is designed to be easy to use and support GNUstep features such as image design, pasteboard/services, printing, and layout.
A smaller version of a larger image or a test image showing a change before the actual change has taken place.
image preview type
an advance look at a game before the public can try it
a preliminary look at a game that is not out yet
The preview function allows a job announcement to be looked at before being published.
A mouse-over Preview is possible by hovering with your mouse over a headline, Event or Entity. The Preview gives a snapshot of the underlying content and saves you many unnecessary clicks by providing immediate insight.
a practical, entertaining seminar that will help you discover the secrets to having a great relationship
PREview (Process and Requirements Viewpoints) is a requirements method which focuses on the early stage of Requirements Engineering: discovering and documenting requirements.
A strategy to be used prior to beginning a reading, previewing contributes to reading effectiveness by increasing focus, interest, and purpose. The reader flips through the pages of the text to be read, making observations and forming questions about what's there: title, author's credentials, headings, illustrations, bold-face words, information in text-boxes, etc.
A way of working with the Lesson material. The Preview allows you to study the answers: to see and hear the text matched with the correct picture. You can also practice reading and listening comprehension and pronunciation. Score is not kept in the Preview.
watch (a movie or play) before it is released to the general public
an article written based on either an interview with the game developers or released material from the developers
A noncritical account of a game prior to its release that highlights the anticipated features composing a game.
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You might mention that this opens in a new window.
a FREE first security application that lets you see the relative security of your Windows computer against known threats in the wild
A short film created to promote a film or television show. Also called a trailer.
a good way to eliminate this
a simple way of affording correct actions by showing what the out-come of an action will be
To see a survey/template as it would be presented to the person completing the survey.
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a reference picture
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a very useful tool