Definitions for "Pretension"
The act of pretending, or laying claim; the act of asserting right or title.
A claim made, whether true or false; a right alleged or assumed; a holding out the appearance of possessing a certain character; as, pretensions to scholarship.
claim, cause of action, claim for relief
A type of prestressing in which reinforcing tendons stretched to a desired tension and then covered by concrete poured into the form. Once the concrete cures and the forms are removed, the tension of tendon is transfered to the concrete increasing its compression and creating a positive camber. This produces a reinforced concrete beam which is able to withstand greater loads without deflection as compared to unreinforced beams of similar dimensions. Compare to posttension. Also, cable hangers (or suspenders) used to support a bridge deck are commonly pretensioned before being attached to the deck.
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One not supported by fact.