Definitions for "Pressed"
(origin: Robin Worldwide) though DC Cookie has successfully adapted this term for a variety of purposes, I tend to stick with the original meaning: adjective; overeager and/or have nothing better going on so urgently need to interact with someone. e.g. "I will not be calling him. I'm not pressed."
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Pressed beads have a molded pattern which is consistent from bead to bead. Surface quality can range from very smooth and uniform with well-defined edges, to edges that are very rounded, and surfaces that have dips, flow marks, and other irregularities. Seed Beads - Tiny type of bead most often used in weaving and embroidery. Seed beads are made of segments of drawn tubes of glass of various thicknesses, typically slightly oval in shape due to tumbling and polishing, the shorter dimension being through the hole. Smaller than Pony beads.
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forced into service in the Navy
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compacted by ironing