Definitions for "Presentation"
The particular position of the child during labor relatively to the passage though which it is to be brought forth; -- specifically designated by the part which first appears at the mouth of the uterus; as, a breech presentation.
The part of the baby's body that will enter the birth canal first, such as the head, feet or buttocks.
how the baby is positioned for birth; the part closest to the cervix is the presenting part.
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1. An association between an object and a presentation type with some output on a output recording stream. 2. A Lisp object that represents a presentation.
A group of clip s coordinated through SMIL and streamed from Helix Universal Server to RealOne Player.
A clip or group of clip s streamed from Helix Server to RealPlayer 10. The presentation can also include HTML URLs that open in the RealPlayer 10 HTML panes.
A set of slides for use on-screen or in printed handouts, primarily to accompany a speaker.
This software is made up of slides which are essentially a platform to present ideas. It is designed to display text, graphics and other multimedia forms.
A presentation is a collection of slides, handouts, speaker's notes, and an outline, all combined into a file that can be printed onto transparencies or projected from a computer.
In dance, drama, or music, a relatively formal production for an audience, sometimes on a stage. The audience may be a small group of peers, or a larger group. Note: In the suggested strategies in this IRP the terms presentation and performance are often used interchangeably. In practice, the teacher, sometimes in consultation with students, will determine the level of formality appropriate to the situation. (See also perform.) In visual arts, presentation opportunities range from the informal display of students' work within the classroom to formal, organized displays for a variety of audiences.
the activity of formally presenting something (as a prize or reward); "she gave the trophy but he made the presentation"
a visual representation of something
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Also known as the pageant bouquet, this is a bunch of long-stemmed flowers cradled in the bride's arms.
This is an elegant bouquet of long stemmed flowers that the bride carries in her arms.
The act of offering a clergyman to the bishop or ordinary for institution in a benefice; the right of presenting a clergyman.
the right of presenting to a benefice.
a show or display; the act of presenting something to sight or view; "the presentation of new data"; "he gave the customer a demonstration"
a verbal demonstration of skill/knowledge and understanding
Written or verbal. Related activity of formally packaging documentation for review by interested users and managers. Primary key Candidate key that will most commonly be used to uniquely identify a single entity instance. Default value for a primary key is always not NULL.
A ceremony held 15 minutes before the start of competition, at which the speaker introduces the technical officials and the athletes, who are lined up on the stage in the order of their start numbers.
Fifteen minutes before the start of each competition, the speaker introduces the participating athletes who are lined up on the stage in the order of their start numbers, as well as the allocated technical officials.
a group of similar events or items by one competitor in a competition category
Following Jewish custom, Mary and Joseph present the infant Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem. In Ethiopian icons, Salome may be shown as an attendant and Sts. Hanna and Simeon as embodiments of the forces of prophecy.
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a graphical metaphor through which some information contained in the model object is shown to the user
a method used to communicate and idea by showing and/or telling
an approach, an idea, a possible new paradigm, or a possible new metaphor that is well-thought-out enough to be presented but perhaps is not ready for full peer review
Part of the liturgy when the ushers present the offering plates, the flagon and the paten.
Offering the blade for engagement by the opponent.
An offer made to another party for consideration or recognition.
The act of presenting, or the state of being presented; a setting forth; an offering; bestowal.
Level: occurrence The act of making something publicly available/presenting something at a specific point in time.
A pitch or a description of a proposed advertising campaign.
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A payment for fishing rights presentationes
The action of placing the fly on the water to the fish. The best bet is to present the fly similarly to how the bugs behave naturally. It's no different than a corporate job. A good presentation leads to bigger and better things. A bad one gives you a stomach ache and nothing to show for it.
The act of laying a line down on the water and presenting the fly to a fish or spot.
an integral aspect of gourmet dining, includes tableware, glassware and lighting.
exhibition; representation; display; appearance; semblance; show.
A show or widely appealing assembly of exhibits or other refined and encapsulated content presented by an authority on the topic.
The exhibition, performance or publication of a completed artwork. See dissemination.
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an exercise in persuasion"
Presentation is the look of a Web site; its layout, fonts, colours, some of the images that are just used for decoration etc. Web page presentation can be entirely controlled by the CSS. Presentation, within the context of Web standards discussion, is often used in contrast to content.
a screen layout combined with the playlists
Printing or displaying.
The method used to show ultrasonic information. This may include A-scans, B-scans or C-scans, displayed on various types of recorders or cathode ray tube instruments.
The manner in which the communication describes and displays the products or services.
a guideline for the meeting, not the precise roadmap
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an ideal opportunity to make a sale
an opportunity to pull off that big deal
a precious opportunity
the second step in the creation of a character for the written text and the performed play; the representation of the character by the playwright in the words and actions specified in the text.
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an object that accepts either an Oracle Net or IIOP incoming connection into the database
a one-way process, a monologue during which you "present" your products and services to the customer
a general discussion of some topic, including (but not limited to) the software, the community, relationships with other software or communities, and political or philosophical issues
Presentation software Office
The venture's promoters requirement to make a presentation and respond to a critical review of their business plan by senior members of the VC firm. This serves as much the purpose of discussing the plan in detail, as of testing the promoters' understanding of the project, their personality and determination.
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a real treat for any Hard Rock Fan, but musically the album doesn't hold together
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a program that is always subject to revision
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a top level widget that can be saved to a file
a communication directed to the merits or outcome of a proceeding, including any procedural or other issues raised in the proceeding
Activities, services and facilities that bring the public into direct or indirect contact with national historic sites, national parks and historic canals, and the resources associated with them.
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a great chance to further your career
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a fast and potentially effective method of getting things done through
the way things appear on the screen of the user's station.
Presentation is the rendering of the content and structure in a form that can be perceived by the user.
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That which is presented or given; a present; a gift, as, the picture was a presentation.
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a lot like directing a movie
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Not yet defined.