Definitions for "Prepaid"
Freight charges paid by the consignor (shipper) prior to the release of the bills of lading by the carrier.
Payment arrangements whereby the cost of sending the package through Purolator is invoiced to the Consignor (or sender).
A shipment for which freight charges are paid by the consignor; a 5% surcharge is added for this service. to top
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Items: - items that generally must be paid for at the time of closing and are generally recurring charges. Prepaid items may include the following: First year premiums for hazard, flood and mortgage insurance. Prorated interest. Any special assessments which must be prepaid (i.e.; water/sewer connection, etc.). Escrow account for any of the above.
Asset created by payment for economic benefits that do not expire until a later time; as the benefit expires the asset becomes an expense (for example, prepaid rent, prepaid insurance).
Expenses necessary to create an escrow account or to adjust the seller's existing escrow account. Can include taxes, hazard insurance, private mortgage insurance, and special assessments.
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Part of the jargon within the POS industry. It implies that you are paying for something before you use it. The product has "value" that is not available for use until purchased and activated at a POS Terminal. In the case of cellular minutes you buy them before you use them. For long distance phone cards you pay for the minutes before you use them.
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This is when terms on the purchase order have been prepaid, and there is no need to enter an invoice for the items in the future.