Definitions for "Prelude"
An introductory performance, preceding and preparing for the principal matter; a preliminary part, movement, strain, etc.; especially (Mus.), a strain introducing the theme or chief subject; a movement introductory to a fugue, yet independent; -- with recent composers often synonymous with overture.
To play an introduction or prelude; to give a prefatory performance; to serve as prelude.
To introduce with a previous performance; to play or perform a prelude to; as, to prelude a concert with a lively air.
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Prelude are an English based folk trio consisting of Brian Hume (vocals, guitar), his wife Irene Hume (vocals) and Ian Vardy (guitars, vocals), who formed in their native Gateshead in 1970.
A race designed as a lead-up for a major event, however, as opposed to heats, the winners and placegetters of a prelude are not automatically included in the field for the final or major race. For instance, the Qantas Sprints are held the week before the Miracle Mile and are referred to as preludes. The winners of these preludes may or may not be invited to contest the Miracle Mile.
Prelude is an Hybrid Intrusion Detection system. It is composed of differents sensors and of a Manager. Currently distributed is an NIDS sensor. the Manager is for reporting attacks in an user readable form. Prelude is completly modulable and distributed.
Prelude is a 1987 Moody Blues compilation album consisting of non-album singles and rarities.
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a MUCH better car than a Civic
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A set of actions executed upon entry into a state.
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serve as a prelude or opening to