Definitions for "Preliminary injunction"
A judicial order granted by a judge of the Superior Court, which prohibits the trustee from proceeding with any further action on a specific foreclosure file until a trial is held or settlement reached. This occurs when there is a dispute between the owner of a property and the beneficiary. A Trustee's Sale cannot be held any sooner than seven (7) days from the dismissal of the action or the expiration of a restraining order, injunction or stay from any court of competent jurisdiction. However, the order or any amendment thereto may expressly provide for an earlier sale date.
In civil cases when it is necessary to preserve the status quo prior to trial, the court may issue a preliminary injunction or temporary restraining order ordering, a party to carry out a specified activity.
a court order barring a party from certain conduct until the matter under dispute is litigated and decided in court
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