Definitions for "Preheating"
Keywords:  solder, thermal, whioh, shock, reflow
Heating solder cream to drive off solvents prior to reflow; may take place as a separate process or as the first stage of reflow itself. Also called drying or curing. Reduces overall thermal shock.
In F1 mainly pointing to tyre warmers. Preheating is applied before a car is going to drive as to bring the tyres to the best possible temperature to perform at their maximum. Heating them up in advance allows less warming up time during driving and thus improved performance during the first out laps.
As a general term, preheating means a heating applied preliminary to some further thermal or mechanical treatment It also has a specific meaning in describing the process by which tool steel is heated slowly and uniformly to a temperature below the hardening temperature following which the steel is transferred to a furnace in whioh the temperature is substantially above the preheating temperature.