Definitions for "Pregnancy-Related Issues"
The Condition"...Much of the way your baby develops essential proteins, such as DNA and insulin, depends on zinc..." Recommendation Zinc"Inadequate amounts of zinc can lead to central nervous system and other malformations, small-for-age babies and miscarriage..."
Recommendation Essential Fatty Acids"Adequate and balanced essential fatty acid intake is important for the optimal neurologic development of the baby..."
The Condition"...Vitamin B6, a nutrient needed for amino acid metabolism, is also required for your growing baby..."
The Condition"...This can be attributed to several factors such as the vasoconstriction of placenta blood flow by nicotine, elevated fetal carboxyhemoglobin and catecholamine levels, fetal tissue hypoxia, reduced delivery of nutrients to the fetus, and increased heart..."
Relationship to Manganese Requirement"There is a risk of fetal malformations, including increases in neural tube defects, without an adequate amount of manganese..."
Our Question about nipple discharge color"Some women have nipple discharge very early in pregnancy..."