Definitions for "Prefect"
A Roman officer who controlled or superintended a particular command, charge, department, etc.; as, the prefect of the aqueducts; the prefect of a camp, of a fleet, of the city guard, of provisions; the pretorian prefect, who was commander of the troops guarding the emperor's person.
A superintendent of a department who has control of its police establishment, together with extensive powers of municipal regulation.
In the Greek and Roman Catholic churches, a title of certain dignitaries below the rank of bishop.
governmental official during the Mexican Period, subordinate to the governor, who administered a prefectura.
A high ranking official. Usually a governor. In modern France a prefect (préfet) is the administrator of a Department (analogous to an Amercian County).
A prefect (from the Latin praefectus, perfect participle of praeficere: "make in front", i.e., put in charge) is an official of various different types.
A cardinal in charge of a congregation in the Curia Romana.
the man in charge of a legion of soldiers
The head of a Vatican congregation, commission, secretariat or other dicastery of the Apostolic See.
a far more supervisory role, and they are basically teachers who dont teach
a senior student (one who is well behaved and generally high achieving in their academic work) who assists teachers in maintaining order and discipline in the school, by acting as a role model for the younger students
a student in the Australian system whose main job is to report on the other students when they disobey the rules
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