Definitions for "Predictive Dialer"
Edit / A predictive dialer is used in outbound call centers to automatically dial the phone for a group of agents. A predictive dialer's decision of when to make the next call is based on the statistical probability of an agent becoming available to answer the call at the instant the recipient picks up. Other things considered by the dialer include the statistical probability that the called party will be available to answer the phone. Because a predictive dialer relies so heavily on statistical probability, it will sometimes call a number that no agent is available to take. Technically, this is an abandoned call, but it is also referred to as a nuisance call because the called party gets hung up on the instant he or she answers the phone. For this reason, many local authorities have mandated maximum rates for outgoing abandoned calls. Typically in the range of around 5 percent. See Also: Calls In Queue Average Speed of Answer After Call Work
A device used to automate outbound calls and direct them to an agent when a live person answers. Predictive dialing screens out answering machines, busy signals or operator intercepts and records the results.
a computerized system that automatically dial
a technological function often found in a call center
a technological system