Definitions for "Prediction"
The act of foretelling; also, that which is foretold; prophecy.
A statement which claims to foretell of future events. See also "premonition", "precognition", and "prophecy".
A statement of what will happen based upon known, real behavior forms and the estimate of the possibilities.
A rate enhancement technique in which the device or the communication partner guesses the end of a word or phrase, based on previous selections. There are many types of prediction used in devices, some more sophisticated than others.
the act of guessing the likely outcome of a conditional branch decision. Prediction is an important technique for speeding-up execution in overlapped processor designs. Increasing the depth of the prediction (the number of branch predictions that can be unresolved at any time) increases both the complexity and speed. [SILC99
a guess that will be tested later
(from a regression equation): Estimate of dependent variable (y) using the regression equation. If the constant and slope, c and b, are known from the regression equation, the “predicted” value of y associated with a given x-value can be determined using the equation y = c + b * x. The predicted value of y is usually reported as a y with a ^ over it. All predicted values will be on the regression line. [See regression equation, residual, standard error
Prediction (also called regression) is similar to classification. The only difference is that in prediction the target attribute is not discrete but a continuous one. Prediction is processed todiscover the numerical value of the target attribute for selected examples.
A data mining technique that analyses existing data and uses the results to predict values of attributes for new records or missing attributes in existing records. For example, existing credit application data can be used to predict the credit risk for a new application.
When this feature is turned on, you will be notified if, at any time during the game, Championship Freecell detects that the game you are playing has become unwinnable. Even if you think you've lost the game, the prediction feature may still see a way out.
The use of a predictor to provide an estimate of the data element currently being decoded, eg for ADPCM audio encoding. Both ADPCM and MLP use prediction for subsequent samples and then code only the difference between the predicted and actual values.
Establishing enumeration/chronology values for first expected issue, after selecting a publication pattern. Start Prediction dialog box is where one establishes enumeration/chronology values for first expected issue. The Bypass Prediction option allows manual input of dates for next expected issue.
an invitation to introduce change into a system
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an assumption with a track record
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The prediction of one variable () on the basis of one or more predictor variables ( Xi).
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