Definitions for "Precedence"
The act or state of preceding or going before in order of time; priority; as, one event has precedence of another.
The established system of priorities of trades in an exchange. For example, the highest bid and lowest offer have highest precedence; the first bid or first offer at a price has highest priority, and large orders have priority over smaller orders.
The order of preference among established names, used to select the accepted name from among them. In general, precedence is based on the date of establishment, with earlier-established names having precedence over later ones, but later-established names may be conserved over earlier ones.
Precedence is a solitaire card game which uses two decks of playing cards. It is a building game where the playing does not have to worry about a tableau or playing area. In the book 100 Solitaire Games by Sloane Lee and Gabriel Packard, it is known under the name Downing Street.
The act or state of going or being before in rank or dignity, or the place of honor; right to a more honorable place; superior rank; as, barons have precedence of commoners.
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When one task must be complete d before another task can be started, the first task is said to have precedence over the other. [D01228] OTOB 73