Definitions for "Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood"
A group of English painters formed in 1848. These artists attempted to recapture the style of painting preceding Raphael. They rejected industrialized England and focused on painting from nature, producing detailed, colorful works. Rossetti was a founding member.
See Movements; Pre-Raphaelites
A group of English artists that formed an association in 1848 to recapture the beauty and simplicity of the medieval world. Their painting style customarily using bright colours, and attention to detail, reacted to the sterility of English art, along with the materialism resulting from England's industrialization. They identified Raphael (Italian, 1483-1520) with the scientific interests of Renaissance art, which they felt had led to modern technological development. They aimed to study nature, to sympathize with what was direct, serious and heartfelt, and to infuse their works with literary symbolism,.