Definitions for "PRE"
Index Definition: Preformatted Text Description: Displays pre formatted text. Normaly includes extra white space and line breaks.
container Preformatted text
Yes v3 up IE3+ preformatted text Yes short inline quotation Yes v3 up IE3+ strike-through text style
Partido Roldosista Ecuatoriano
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Freelance Presentation
emer gen The group of weed control herbicides which are applied to turf areas or planting bed areas as a preventative measure. Weed seeds are typically prevented from germinating due to the chemical barrier created by the pre-emergent chemical. (Examples: crabgrass preventer, Preen, and Snapshot.)
Approved Mortgage Tentatively approved by a financial institution for a specified amount, interest rate and monthly payment
requisite: required preparatory course(s). Students who have not completed the prerequisite may be prevented from enrolling in the course through PAWS or UCR STAR. Enforced prerequisites appear in the course listings in this schedule. Students who have course work from another institution which may satisfy the course prerequisite should consult their academic advisor and the department offering the course.
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(before) On a mixer, pre fade listen (PFL) indicates that the function is derived before the channel slider or gain control pre monitor send, the monitor send is before and independent of the channel slider or gain control. A pre monitor send is usually pre channel EQ also.
Patient Return Electrode. A conductive plate or pad (dispersive electrode) that recovers the therapeutic current from the patient during electrosurgery, disperses it over a wide surface area, and returns it to the electrosurgical generator.
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A SurveySolutions presentation file.
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Prefix meaning before or preceding, e.g. preapical.
A prefix meaning "in front of" or "before," as in "pretrial" hearing.
Latin prefix meaning before, as in pre-war military build-up.
Progressive Resistance Exercise. An approach to exercise whereby the load or resistance to the muscle is applied by some mechanical means and is quantitatively and progressively increased over time.
Working a muscle to failure by gradually increasing the intensity or the resistance of the exercise.
subscription - A local telephone company service that encourages each subscriber to select one long-distance carrier to use without having to dial a multiple digit access code.
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A prefix for before. Comment: As for example in prepollen, pretectum.
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preputial gland
Presence points; a type of ability point used for skills that require mental discipline or strong will.
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before prenatal = before birth
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Preliminary risk evaluation
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combining form, before the fact.
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The Pre Element
prefetch or precompute