Definitions for "PRA"
A congenital defect that causes peripheral vision loss first, progressing to night blindness, and then to total blindness in Papillons. Never breed a dog that is afflicted with this defect.
Progressive Retinal Atrophy - retinal degeneration that can lead to blindness
Progressive Retinal Atrophy. degeneration of the retina; currently we have no confirmed cases of PRA within the Havanese breed
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Primary Rate Access. In the United States, the PRI consists of 23 B or 'bearer' channels operating at 64 Kbps, and one D or 'data' channel also functioning at 64 Kbps. The combined signal-carrying capacity is 1.544 Mbps (T1) -equivalent to a digital signal hierarchy level of DS-1. In Europe, the PRI consists of 30 B channels and one D channel combined in 2.048 Mbps.
rimary ate dapter, used for large numbers of connections (20-30 x 64 channels).
European name for ISDN PRI.
Participatory Rapid Appraisal
PRA PRD Priest Rapids Dam Adult Fishways 639 PRA Dam Columbia Upper
Participatory Rural Appraisal
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atient efuses ll.
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PRA 5-phospho-beta-D-ribosylamine
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See Primary Recognition Authority.
Physicians Recognition Award: Many boards will accept this in lieu of the SPEX exam or board certification or re-certification within the past 10 years. The PRA may be obtained from the AMA at a cost of $29 for members and $58 for non-members.
Pullet Rearers Association
Pennsylvania Reproductive Associates is a division of the Women’s Institute which provides the assisted reproductive techniques
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Plasma renin activity
Public Records Act 1958. The Security Service complies with the requirements of the Public Records Act 1958 in identifying records of historical interest for permanent retention and eventual transfer to The National Archives (previously the Public Record Office). In practice, this means selecting files for retention that would otherwise have been destroyed. (See: Retention and destruction of files).
Property Relationships (Act) 1984 (NSW)
The Paperwork Reduction Act.
Probabilistic Risk Assessment. is a formal process for quantifying the frequencies and consequences of accidents to predict public health risk.
Personal Reemployment Account
Progesterone Receptor Assay. A test that is done on cancerous tissue to see if a breast cancer is progesterone hormone dependent and can be treated by hormonal therapy.
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People s Redemption Army
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panel reactive antibody
Rental subsidies that are based in one building or apartment project. The subsidy belongs to the unit and not the individual.