Definitions for "pppoe "
pppoe is a redirector which allows the use of PPP-over-Ethernet with pppd-
A¤Óºô¸ôÂI¹ïÂI³q°T¨ó©w¡]Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet
Dial-up Internet connections typically use PPP protocol. PPPoE is a method for running PPP protocol over Ethernet. PPPoE… • •  offers service providers similar billing and access control with a presence in dial-up services.•  provides a low-cost solution to multiple host maintenance at the customer premises.•  provides session authentication using Password Authentication Protocol (PAP).•  provides session authentication using Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP).•  achieves session accounting and conservation of bandwidth by closing down unused sessions.•  allows the IAD/Router and ISP link to easily negotiate network parameters.